Pamela Branas and Sharon Kitching are exhibiting works on paper and paintings based observational drawings on the theme of ‘Seen’. Seen brings together a combined body of work, relating to the familiar and every day occurrences they see - observations made commuting on the train, travelling to work or sitting in the pub. These drawings and paintings reveal the inner life we fictionalise strangers with, and what we observe. If every realisation is a reveal of our own selves, then this exhibition is about the meditation of the observer. Drawing is a brief transcendent occurrences that help us to transform the urban stresses we encounter on a daily basis. Drawing helps us understand human behaviour of the instant. The character is captured on the sketchbook, imagined, developed and re-created as paintings.

Time, in a world of activity, is taken to observe.


15th April - 25th April 2015


Wednesday 6-8pm 15th April 2015 at Sheffer Gallery

Artist talk and last drinks

Saturday 3-4pm 25th April 2015

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Sheffer Gallery

38 Lander street Darlington Sydney 2008 Australia

Opening times: Wednesday - Saturday 11am - 6pm